Toonsutra Creators Frequently Asked Questions

What is allowed and what is not on Toonsutra?

Storytelling is individualistic in nature and we’d like to give you, our creator, all the creative freedom possible as long as you stay within the boundaries we’ve defined. You may need to change parts of your story to fit our guidelines so please give our guidelines a thorough read and understand that this is needed because we are subject to rules set by app stores.

To be able to be featured, take part in marketing events and publishing opportunities including cross media activities your whole series has to follow our content guidelines.

In short, you are not allowed to post – 

1) Nude, erotic, sexual content. 

2) Anything that incites religious hatred. 

3) Political and Criminal viewpoints. 

4) Copy-written work.

To further elaborate please take a look at our in-depth content guidelines. [There will be a hyperlink to content guidelines that takes user to this new page.]

Content Guidelines

Toonsutra aims to be a safe space and a haven for creators in terms of storytelling and artistic creativity. That said there are a few rules we abide by and we wish for our creators to be ambassadors of the same. We are inclusive, sensitive, professional and above all kind to one another.

The content our creators upload on the platform must be a byproduct of those rules and be able to maintain the overall quality of the app.

  • Abusive or hateful content: 
    • Hateful or abusive content about or directed towards other creators, other users, or groups of people is not allowed. Abusive content includes any content or comment that has the purpose to incite hate or anger based on race, ethnic origin, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, political orientation, etc.
  • Mature and sexual content:
    • Due to strict app store guidelines for user generated content, on our apps, artwork containing nudity, full or partial, or depictions of any sexual act are not allowed. This also includes artwork or photos used in novels, on series covers, banners and anywhere else it is visible on our site. Series containing any nudity may be removed from our app without notice.
    • Any novel’s intended purpose should not be to solely provide erotic satisfaction (i.e. porn without plot).
    • Any and all content intended for sexual gratification is not allowed.
    • Content including or depicting the sexualization of minors is not allowed.
  • Violent or graphic content:
    • Content with graphic depictions of violence or that promotes acts of violence will not be allowed.
    • Restricted violent or graphic content includes the glorification or promotion of self-harm.
  • No posting for violent or criminal organisations:
    • Content depicting non-fictional, violent or criminal organisations, praise for these types of organizations, or recruitment for these types of organisations is not allowed.
      • This includes a ban of any and all promotional materials for any fictional or non-fictional organisation of this type.
    • Impersonation:
      • Content that is intended to impersonate another creator or person, whether a part of the Toonsutra community or not, is not allowed.
      • This includes the distribution or representation of any contact or personal information of another user.
    • Copyright, Trademarked work and AI generated content:
      • Content that is protected under any and all trademark or copyright laws will not be allowed to be copied into a series published through Toonsutra.
      • Fan Art (artwork based on popular works of fiction (such as books, movies, etc.) that is created by fans) that infringes on another’s copyright is never allowed to be sold within the Toonsutra Merchandise Shop.
      • Stock photography or stock artwork is not considered original artwork and cannot be used in the Toonsutra Merchandise Shop, as licensing can be extremely difficult to track.
    • Advertisements
      • Any noticeable attempt to place an advertisement or redirect traffic from Toonsutra to third-party websites unrelated to the content, and/or harm the user experience of our community (determined at Toonsutra’s sole discretion) is prohibited.

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