Toonsutra FAQ



What is Toonsutra and how does it work?

Toonsutra is webcomics/webtoon application that lets you read your favorite global comics in your language on your mobile device. The app is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. It can be accessed on any iOS and Android devices.

How much does Toonsutra cost?

The Toonsutra app is free to download and use! Comics are available as episodic series with some free and locked episodes. Most comic episodes become free after a specific period of time. Locked episodes can be unlocked using Toonsutra Coins.

If you signed up for a Toonsutra account, you will start earning free coins that you can use to unlock comic episodes. You can also purchase Coins to read the latest episodes.

How do I subscribe to my favourite comic?

You can subscribe to a comic by clicking on ‘+’ icon on comic detail page. We’ll notify you through your phone’s notifications whenever new chapters are updated.

How do I share my favourite comic on social media?

To Share a comic,  tap the ‘Share’ icon on the top right of the comic page to share the comic. If you want to share an individual episode you’re reading, tap any panel to show the top menu, tap the ‘Share’ icon on the top right of the chapter.

How do I download Comic Episodes?

Follow these easy steps to download episodes:

  1. Select an Comic.
  2. Tap the (↓) button on the right corner of the episode list

* Once, downloaded, Reading downloaded episodes does not use data.

You can manage your downloads in the “Downloaded” section under “My Collection” tab in main navigation menu.



Why can’t I create a Toonsutra account?

We’re sorry you’re unable to create an account right away. We request you to try again in 24 hours. If you are still experiencing issues with creating your account, please submit a request at so that we can investigate the issue further.

Why can’t I log in?

It is likely to be for the following reason(s):

– You mistyped your email address

– You signed up using a different email address

– You mistyped your password

– You signed up using social media login (Facebook, Google), instead of email login.

If you have forgotten your password, click on the Forgot password? link. You will shortly be sent an email with a link that will allow you to set a new password, and access your account.

I haven’t received a password recovery email.

If you sent yourself the email but never received it, follow these steps:

  • Check your spam and promotions folders (and any email filters you’ve set up) to make sure the message isn’t being directed away from your email inbox.
  • If you cannot find the password reset email after checking your spam folder, go to your email settings and make sure that the domain hasn’t been blocked from sending you emails.

If you continue to experience problems, please contact us at so we can look into the issue. 

Can I change my email address on my current account?

Unfortunately, once registered, it is currently not possible to change the email address registered to the account. If you’d like to switch to a different email address, you must create a new account with a different username.

 Why can’t I see ‘My Collection’ and my subscriptions? They have suddenly disappeared!

Check to see if you were logged out from your Toonsutra account. You can access your reading history from ‘My Collection’ once you log in with your account.

 My history, subscriptions and coins disappeared. 

Check to see if you are logged in to the correct account. It’s possible that you accidentally created a new account by signing in via social media ( Facebook, Google), while the original account uses email login, or vice versa. To access your original account, please login using the correct sign in method that was used for the original account.

How do I delete my account?
You can delete your account by editing your profile under “More” tab in main navigation menu.

How do I manage my Toonsutra activity?

Tap ‘MY Collection’ at the bottom of the home screen on the Toonsutra app to enter the ‘My Collection’ page. There, you can see your read history in recents section, manage your subscriptions, and check downloads.

I can’t log in using my social media account.

You need to log in to your social media account and authorize permissions for the Toonsutra app.

Please make sure you entered the correct username and password associated with your social media account.

How do I reset my password?

  1. If you signed up using an email address:

– Click ‘Forgot Password?’ on the login screen.

– Type your email address, click ‘Send’, then follow the instructions.

  1. If you signed up using a social media account (Facebook):

– You cannot reset your password for your social media account on Toonsutra.

– Please reset or change your password directly on Facebook..

Having trouble using the app or experiencing errors?

If you experience app performance issues such as crashes or images failing to load, please try these instructions:

  1. Clear Cache from Phone Settings.

– Close the Toonsutra app and any other apps before restarting Toonsutra.

  1. Delete and reinstall the app.

– If clearing the cache does not resolve the issue, we recommend that you reinstall the app. If you continue to experience the same error after reinstalling, contact us at so we can look into the issue.

The app keeps crashing after I updated the app.

Contact us at so we can look into your issue.

The app keeps stopping while loading the series.

Check your network connection. If your network is unstable, you might have trouble loading images in the app.

Where do I send feedback/suggestions for ideas related to Toonsutra?

Your suggestions, feedback, and ideas are always welcome! When using app, find the “Product Feedback” under “More” tab under main navigation menu. You can also contact us at to share any feedback or suggestions.



How do I find my comics in my language?

You can search for comic, or look for comics in genre and filter using the “language” drop down filter to find comics in your language. We also editorially highlight comics in your language in your “For You” section.

How do I request comic translations in my language?

When using app, find the “Translation Requests” under “More” tab under main navigation menu. You can also contact us at to share for translation requests.

Why can’t I download Toonsutra chapters?

The first thing to do is check your network connection and the storage available on your device. If your network is fine and you have ample storage and you continue to experience download issues, contact us at so we can look into your issue.



What are Coins?

Coins are Toonsutra currency to unlock episodes within the app and to purchase physical and digital merchandise. They can be used to unlock locked episodes, allowing the readers to read ahead. The number of Coins you need to may vary based on Toonsutra comic or item.

What are Free Coins?

Free Coins are Coins that are given to you free of charge for using Toonsutra. You can use Free Coins the same way you would use regular Coins to unlock episodes. Free Coins expire 30 days after you receive them. Any unused Free Coins remaining on your account are removed from your account automatically after 30 days.

You can check the expiration date of your Free Coins by going to the ‘Coin History’ under your wallet.

If I have Free Coins and Purchased Coins and I unlock an episode, which Coins get used first?

If you have any Free Coins, they will be used first when you unlock an episode! Your purchased Coins are used after all your Free Coins have been used.

What ways can I earn coins?

You can earn coins by: 1) Registering, rewarded as a welcome gift for the using the app for first time, 2) logging in daily , 3) Inviting friends to use the app using your referral code where both you and your invited friend earn coins if they join, and 4) Completing reading challenges/streaks (eg: daily reading over 7 days, 14, and 30 days)

You can use the rewarded Toonsutra coins to unlock locked content within the app.

How do I see how many coins I have?

-Tap ‘More’


-You will find your earned and rewarded coins.

Do I need to create an account to use Coins?

Yes. A valid Toonsutra account is required in order to earn Coins. You can create a Toonsutra account using an email address or a social media account to enjoy all content on Toonsutra!

What if I unlocked the wrong Edition. Will I get my coins back?

We do not allow refunds of coins. If you can’t access an unlocked episode, contact us at for more help.

Can I receive a refund for any Coins I haven’t used already?

All Coin sales by Toonsutra to you are final and will not be refunded for any reason unless required by applicable laws or unless we elect, in our sole discretion, to rescind your purchase of Coins.

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